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Return of goods


All goods purchased in the e-store www.alikante.lt are subject to the goods return guarantee. These rules are applicable only to the footwear and haberdashery purchased in the e-store. Otherwise, you should apply to the store in which you purchased the good you want to return.

The goods purchased in the e-store may be returned within the following time limits:

Within 30 calendar days. You may return not worn goods which are not suitable/do not meet your expectations within this time limit. When the goods are returned within 30 days, they must meet the following conditions:The good must be in its original packaging which must be in order;

The good must be not worn outside, without clear signs of wearing on the shoe soles and it must not have lost its commercial appearance;

The document evidencing the purchase, i.e. VAT invoice or order confirmation, must also be provided.

A 24-month return period is applicable if you purchased a low quality good. This period is provided for in the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania. If you want to return a low quality good, you may do this in 2 ways:

Apply to the nearest ALIKANTE physical store. Bring the good and the document evidencing the purchase, i.e. VAT invoice or order confirmation, with yourself. You will have to fill in the Claim specifying the reason of return. It may take up to 10 days to examine the Claim.


To the store belonging to ALIKANTE network at your convenience;

To LP Express courier by sending the good being returned to the address of AMARIVUS UAB, Granito g. 3, Vilnius


If the good is mechanically damaged and if the good was worn not in the right season;

To the decorative elements of the footwear, i.e. stones, buckles, insoles, laces, cleats.

Download the form of returning the items

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