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Privacy protection policy

Protection of information about the users of our website is very important to us, thus, we do our best in order you feel safe when you provide your data. In this declaration of privacy policy, we explain the rules and the scope of your personal data administration process, your rights and our, as data administrator’s obligations.

We apply up-to-date technical and organizational measures, in order to ensure a high level of the administered personal data protection and prevent unauthorized access to it.

Data manager

Company ’AMARIVUS UAB’, Granito str. 3, 20124 Vilnius, company code 126406525, VAT code LT126406519.

Goal of data management

’AMARIVUS UAB’ administers personal data of a website users in order to implement adequately the agreements, concluded in online electronic shop on a website: www.alikante.lt (hereinafter – website) and candidates to occupy vacancies having provided data on the purposes of selection.

1. In case you decide to appeal in order to participate in personnel selection, ’AMARIVUS UAB’ will administer the following personal data provided by your candidate(s):

a) Name;

b) Date of birth;

c) Telephone number;

d) E-mail address;

e) City, in which you desire to work;

f) Education;

g) Present work place;

h) Desired work time;

i) Work experience;

j) Picture.

k) Other voluntarily provided data included in curriculum vitae and/or other submitted documents.

1.1. Legal basis of personal data administration is Item b) of Part 1 of Article 6 of General Data Protection Regulation - administration in order to take up actions under your as candidate(s) initiative before concluding an agreement.

1.2. In case legislation of the Republic of Lithuania anticipates additional restrictions on what information about the candidates may be administered, ’AMARIVUS UAB’ ensures that only allowable to administer your, as the candidate(s) personal data are administered.

2. On the purposes of electronic trade

2.1. In order to provide with a possibility to shop in electronic shop on a website, on the purpose of this service provision, we administer the following personal data of the buyers:

a) Name;

b) Telephone number;

c) E-mail address;

d) Residential address;

e) Additional information provided by consignee, necessary for the delivery (eg., delivery address, code of staircase door).

2.2. Legal basis of data administration on the purpose of electronic trade performance is Item b) of Part 1 of Article 6 of General Data Protection Regulation - administration in order to implement the concluded when obtaining the goods agreement.

2.3. The received on this purpose data we transfer to the companies, providing parcels delivery services.

3. Organizing of loyalty program and the implementation of the related to it direct marketing.

3.1. ’AMARIVUS UAB’ loyalty program participants (persons who have ALIKANTE Client cards) provide what can be described as ’direct marketing’ – send newsletters by e-mail, invite to events, inform by e-mail and text messages about actions and discounts.

a) Name;

b) E-mail address;

c) Telephone number;

d) City;

e) Date of birth;

f) Information about the obtained goods, their kinds and amounts spent.

Legal basis of data management

Personal data is administered by following the provisions of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 dated April 27, 2016.

We administer your personal data while having your consent, which you give us  when you register on a website and when you confirm the concluded on the website transaction.

Your consent to administer your personal data is completely voluntary, however, without giving a consent, you will not be able to register on a website and buy on it.

You are given the following rights related to the performed by us your personal data administration:

You are not entitled to cancel anytime your consent by not indicating any reason. You are entitled to cancel your consent regarding the administered on a particular purpose data, eg., you are entitled to cancel a consent to obtain commercial information or you may cancel your consent to administer your data on any purpose. If you cancel your consent to administer your data on any purpose, your user account on the website will be canceled and we will not administer your data anymore. The canceled consent will not make any impact on the performed till then actions;

You are entitled, without indicating any reason, to request us to delete your data. A request to delete data will not make any impact on the performed till then actions. Data deletion means that your user account on a website will be deleted, and we will not administer your data anymore;

You are entitled to state any time a disagreement that your personal data is administered in full and on concrete purpose. Such statement of disagreement will not make any impact on the performed till then actions. Statement of disagreement means that your user account on a website will be deleted, and we will not administer your data anymore;

You are entitled to request us to limit the duration or scope of your personal data administration, and we will implement your request. Such request will not make any impact on the performed till then actions;

You are entitled to request any time to specify or correct your personal data. You may also do this by yourself, having signed in on a website and by using a website card ’MY DATA’.

You are entitled to request us to transfer any your data which we have to the other party. To do so, you need to contact us having filled in a communication support form and indicate in it name, address and scope of data of the subject, to which we should transfer your data, i. e. indicate, which your data we should transfer. Data transfer will be performed electronically as soon as we confirm a request. We need to get a confirmation of your request in order to ensure the safety of your data and make sure that the request was submitted by an authorized person;

You are entitled to request any time us to provide information about the scope of the performed by us administration of your personal data.

We are obliged to inform you about the performed by us actions at least in one month from the day of reception of each your request.


Period of personal data storage

While administering and storing your personal data, we implement organizational and technical measures, which would ensure personal data protection from accidental or unauthorized demolishing, amendment, revealing as well as from any other its illegal administration.

We apply different personal data storage terms depending on the purpose, on the basis of which particular your personal data is administered.

User account storage term:

  1. On the purpose of selection candidates to an announced work place – data is stored till the end of selection;
  2. On the basis of electronic trade operation – data is stored for 5 years from the date of the last goods obtaining;
  3. On the purposes of participation in loyalty program and related to it direct marketing – till the end of loyalty program.

In case certain your personal data will be necessary for declaration, implementation or defense of legal requirements, we will store it until it will be necessary for the achievement of such goals according to judicial, administrative or non-judicial procedure.

Data from our system may be deleted by performing the following actions:

1. having revoked a consent to administer your data,

2. having stated a disagreement that your personal data is administered,

3. having requested the data to be deleted.

Our systems will store only information included in archives about your transactions, which is necessary because, eg., it is related to your claims, which you could state on the basis of a guarantee determined by legislation or binding us legislation.

Notifications sent regarding personal data

You may send or provide us the necessary notifications or requests regarding personal data by any indicated below methods:

By e-mail address: info@alikante.lt 

By telephone: +370 5 244 78 23;

By post: ’AMARIVUS UAB’, Granito str. 3, 20124 Vilnius, Lithuania.

An assignment to administer personal data

’AMARIVUS UAB’ may assign to administer personal data to ’AMARIVUS UAB’ business partners, in case it is necessary for the implementation of transactions, for example, to prepare the ordered by you goods and send or transfer them with the prepared by ’AMARIVUS UAB’ commercial information (the latter case is related to the users who agreed to get commercial information).

Personal data of the users in any case will be transferred to the third parties, except transfer on the indicated in this Privacy Assurance Policy statement purposes, and this first of all means that it will not be shared with any other subjects in order the third parties could distribute advertisement material.

Personal data of website users is not transferred outside the European Union.

Commercial information. Newsletter

You may subscribe our newsletters by indicating your e-mail address and having agreed that your personal data is administered on the purposes of commercial and advertisement information reception. We send newsletters in order to inform you about the newest proposals (eg., new goods, special offers or sale). You may refuse any time to get newsletters by clicking on a link in a newsletter or sending an e-mail to address: info@alikante.lt

A notification about a possibility to obtain a good

Under your request, ’AMARIVUS UAB’ notifies you by electronic communication means about a possibility to obtain the selected by you good. Such notification may sent only in case you have agreed that commercial information about the goods of electronic shop is sent to the indicated e-mail address and that ’AMARIVUS UAB’ administer your personal data. You provide your data voluntarily, however, if we do not have your consent to administer personal data, we will not be able to notify you about a possibility to obtain the good.


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We want to pay your attention that „Facebook“ does not inform us about data, which it has gathered and about the way it uses it. We do not know the purpose on which „Facebook“ gathers information, besides, we do not know the scope of such information. If you want to get additional information about „Facebook“ privacy assurance policy, we suggest you to contact directly „Facebook“ or read information about „Facebook“privacy assurance policy on a website at address: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/
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„Google Analytics“ data protection declaration

Our websites use Google Inc. (Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, JAV) web services analysis mechanisms: „Google Analytics“, „Google Double Click“ and „Google Tag Manger“. „Google Analytics“, „Google Double Click“ and „Google Tag Manger“ use cookies, enabling to analyze websites use data. The gathered by cookies information is transferred to „Google“ servers in the USA and is stored in an archive.

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The user can block the possibility of cookies to store information on an online browser. However, this would revoke a possibility to fully use all functions of a website. Besides, the user can block a possibility to save the gathered by cookies website use data (including IP address) and its transfer to „Google“ and possibility of „Google“ to share it, having downloaded and installed a grafter at address: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en.

Final provisions

Judicial relations related to this Policy are applied law of the Republic of Lithuania.

We are not responsible for damage, including damage, conditioned by interference of website use, for data loss or damage, which occurred as a result of your or third persons, acting under your control, actions or non-acting, including incorrect data entry, other mistakes, conscious harm, and other inadequate use of a website. We also disclaim our responsibility for interference of logging-in on a website and/or its use and/or cause by it damage, incurred as a result of actions or non-acting of the third parties, not related to us, to you or other data subjects, including interference of electricity and internet access provision, etc.

This Policy reviewed and at the necessity renewed at least once in two years. Policy supplements or amendments become effective from the day of their announcement on a website.

If you use a website and the provided by us services after Policy renewal, we will consider that agree and know about changes made.

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