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How to care for shoes?

Leather requires special care (be it our face or body skin or leather shoes, in particular, footwear). If you take proper care of leather, you will preserve its elasticity, uniformity and, of course, colour.

We all know how to take care of our face. And as concerns the leather of footwear and handbags, we often lack knowledge. It is here that we can unanimously say that there is a wide range of haberdashery leather care products. As production technologies develop over time and more diverse surfaces are sought, the footwear producers started using not only leather, but also textile, eco leather or imitation leather, rubber, gum and other materials. This prompts to look for the respective products to preserve the durability of such products.

Footwear care is classified according to the surface.

Even leather care

  • Impregnant AQUA STOP or NANO POWER SPRAY: Active substances form a small nano-structured protective film; thus, moisture slows down and dirt is repelled. Leather becomes moisture resistant. Sprayable on the surface. It is recommended to apply it several times allowing the product to dry.
  • Cleaning foam MULTI SCHAUM NEUTRAL: shake well the product and spray it on a honeycomb sponge and thoroughly clean the surface and inside of the shores/handbag. Allow to dry.
  • Show polish for leather colour brightening and nourishing. The colour should be chosen by the shoe colour.

Rough leather care

  • Use impregnant AQUA STOP or NANO POWER SPRAY and cleaning foam MULTI SCHAUM NEUTRAL for their intended purpose in the same way as used for even leather.
  • Choose the sprayable Velours nubuk pflege or spreadable Velours nubuk bunt pflege polishes depending on the closedness of the footwear (shoes or boots) as the colour requires.
  • After nourishing the leather with a polish, fluff the rough leather by a soft leather care brush.

Care of metallised, varnished leather and other surfaces

  • We do not recommend impregnating metallised and varnished leather. The best product for cleaning dirt is MULTI SCHAUM NEUTRAL;
  • Use the impregnant AQUA STOP or NANO POWER SPRAY and cleaning foam MULTI SCHAUM NEUTRAL for textile, eco leather or imitation leather surfaces;
  • Use the foam FASHION CARE NEUTRAL. Shake well, spray it on a honeycomb sponge or soft cloth and evenly cover the surface. Polish well.

Haberdashery care

Cleaning care products should be used not only for shoes, but also for other haberdashery items: handbags, wallets, belts, bags and even furniture. The used products depend on the surface and structure of leather or other material.

We trade in BUFFALO products of the German producer BNS Bergal, Nico & Solitaire Vertriebs GmbH which has operated for more than 80 years in Alikante network. All products are characterised by high quality and sustainability.

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